Example Videos

Advice: Make sure you compress you movies before posting to YouTube or it will take forever. Use QuickTime to compress it. Sorenson or H264 should be good for video compression. Use AAC as your compression scheme for audio. Or if you use the presets, broadband medium or high should work. Share any tips and trick with each other here.

Examples with comments. Feel free to add your own.

Example 1 - guitar hero sequencer. good narration, but could have been a little more rehearsed. audio from the speech could be a little cleaner. and we never see the patch! I want to see the patch.

Example 2 - harmonic rotation patch. good shot of the interface in action. only a brief shot of the patch. would have benefited from some setup narration by the person. clean sound.

Example 3 - mms. zoomed way too close to be effective. no sound leaves us wondering what it sounds like. clean images.

Example 4 - simple sequencer. very effective demonstration. the actions are almost self-documenting, making a narration unnecessary.

Example 5 - boids sequencer. good screenshot. narration or titles would help. demo gets better toward end.

Example 6 - algorithmic drum patch. Awesome music output. Clean signal. Screenshot is *way* too grainy to be useful.

Example 7 - Wacom Oscillator. Good clean sound output. A little bland as far as demonstrations go. Would like to get a shot of just the patch. Titles or narration would have helped narrate the action.

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