Fall 2008 Examples

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As you review these, keep in mind that the oral presentation is the largest factor in determining the final grade. These will give you some idea of how to use the wiki though.

Project 1: Modulation Synthesis

  • good top level organization
  • good use of journals to track progress
  • patch archive could have been better organized
  • nice links page, but should have added annotations on each site
  • text sources were very sparse
  • very good figures scanned from books

Project 2: Delays

  • top level too sparse
  • appreciated embedded powerpoint slides
  • how it works missing, big no-no
  • chorus example shows clear signal flow
  • patch archive could have been better organized
  • links of interest has no annotations

Project 3: Computer Listening

  • great top level organization
  • work flow diagram very useful at explaining w/o Max
  • good breakdown of final patch
  • patch log useful to have
  • good web links, but again no annotations
  • good book sources, but again no annotations
  • presentation files archived, not embedded so limits usefulness

Project 4: Chat Music

  • great demo video (a requirement for final)
  • flow diagram good, but buried on somewhat random page
  • lots of archived patches, but need more organizing
  • sketches and notes good, but need clarification for outsider
  • really good breakdown of how it works
  • embedded powerpoint slides in separate page

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