Final Project Timeline

Nov. 15
Decided on my project: Scrambled Hackz Emulator.

Nov. 20
Explained proposal.
Started research.

Nov. 21
Found out that the field of synthesis is called Concatenative Synthesis.
Big Names: Diemo Schwarz, Sam Britton, Roland Cahen, Thomas Goepfer, Sven Koenig

Nov. 23
Discovered Soundspotter~ 3rd party external Max/MSP object, created by Michael Casey.
Began reverse engineering of help patch.

Nov. 24
Started thinking Soundspotter was not the best way to attack my problem.
Insufficeint amout of help patches and documentation on accepted inputs.

Nov. 25
Continued research and talks with Prof. Wolek.

Nov. 26
During my research I stumbled on the CataRT Concatenative Synthesis system made for Max/MSP created in part by Diemo Schwarz.

Nov. 27 - Dec. 6
Picked apart the CataRT tutorials and documentation. Emailed Mr. Schwarz. Developed patch ideas and bounced them off of Prof. Wolek.

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