In Class Examples

Aug 31

Basic MIDI synth
My Sliders
Saitek Patch

Sept 4

signal view
signal view 2

Sept 9

starter synth
MPG carepackage

Sept 11

detune starter

Sept 28

input starter - how to get sound in
input visuals - how to see your sounds
fm starter - some simple tone generation

Sept 30

fm w env follow - parts pulled together
processing overview - objects to get you started

Oct 5

filtergraphs - graphical controls for filters
matrix - key to audio routing

Oct 7

Nyquist demo - simple demo of aliasing sine wave

Oct 26

pitch class math - how to move between midi and pitch class
basic markov table - defined via the prob object and lots of messages
transition table - build markov by analyzing input

Oct 28

envfollowUI - envelope follower with built in user interface
pattrdemo - demo of the pattr preset system

Oct 30

polyiphony - sub patch for creating polyiphony
poly patch - poly patch
matrixctrl as markov - graphic and settings need to use as UI front end

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