All of the setting in the riddumbank can be changed via messages sent to the last inlet, noted with the hint of "param msgs". Each message must start with the name of the element you would like to control. These are listed below for easy reference.

As the majority of controls are mutations of the matrixctrl object, they require a series of integers like that object. Becoming familiar with the helpfile for that object will help you understand the control of this abstraction patch. Messages in the style of those sent to matrixctrl work with these elements so long as the are preceded by the proper name below.

name color description
patterns green the main area where rhythms are entered
routing purple the secondary area where patterns are routed to outlets
liferouting yellow activates a simple CA routine to reconfig column every loop
destable_settings D controls algorithm to drop beats from each pattern row

The rate of each row can be controlled independently. Messages to these parameters can be send to alter it's speed by the perscribed coefficient. 1 is normal speed, 0.5 is half speed, 2 is double speed. To send a message to a single row's rate, the format is rate plus the row number without a space followed by a floating point number. So to change row 6 to half speed, you would send the message "row6 0.5".

The fuschia colored buttons provide the ability to make transformations on the pattern in that row. They are not currently controllable via messages sent to the "param msgs" inlet. The notes that follow give a rough description of the transformation performed for easy reference.

char description
C clears the pattern currently in the row, leaving it blank
R enters a random pattern into the row
< shift the current pattern one position to the left
> shift the current pattern one position to the right

The red "lights" above the patterns displays the current position in the loop. This will only be an accurate representation of pattern displayed in the rows if the rate is set to 1.0. Be aware of this when altering the rates of your rows.

The outlets from riddumbank produce a pulse signal output. When the loop passes a pattern position that has been activated with a green dot, the MSP signal goes to 1.0. Otherwise, the signal remains at 0.0. Remember that the rows do not correspond directly to the oulets. They are patched in with a purple dot by default, but can be removed at any time or combined with the pattern output of any other row. A single row can be fed to any number of outlets.

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