Sequence Of Events

Research begins on how to overdub in Max

Meg emails patch from friend that works as a loopstation

Goals for patch are outlined
Want to create a loopstation that doesn't need separate buffers for each loop.

Dissection of the patch sent from Meg and a patch from Cycling 74'

First attempts at the loopstation fail. Data gets corroded when its rerecorded into itself

Begin to use the waveform viewers to look into the buffers and program which part of the buffer is to be used in the loop

Begin using three buffers, two for loops and a third to mix the loops down into. Then the first two buffers with the loop get cleared, and you start all over again.

Poke is unable to read over itself into a buffer. It creates too much feedback.
Fourth buffer is made to alternate mixing down the audio from the loops to avoid buffers being rerecording into themselves.

Video documentation is made. Filters are added to the patch for extra nuance.

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